Cleveland Black Oxide News

Black oxide finish helps ammo maker stand out from the crowd.

Cleveland, OH – When it comes to a discussion about small caliber ammunition, nothing seems to arouse controversy like the name, "Black Talon®." Even non gun owners seem to recall this 1990's Olin-Winchester brand, primarily because of its undeserved reputation as a "cop killer" bullet.
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Cleveland Black Oxide handles parts up to 17 ft. in length.

Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Black Oxide, the largest commercial black oxide conversion coater in the U.S., has installed larger tanks to accomodate steel parts up to 17 ft. in length and weighing up to 3,500-lbs. These are believed to be the largest tanks in the industry.
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Cleveland Black Oxide nets new business…literally!

Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Black Oxide has seen some pretty odd applications for their black oxide finishes over the years: Slinky™ toys, bullet casings, printed circuits and large architectural panels to name a few. And recently, they’ve added chain mail and animal containment netting to the list.
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