Why Cleveland Black Oxide?

Experience, service and a willingness to work with you to solve your coating problems.
Cleveland Black Oxide and its predecessors have 75 years of black oxide conversion coating experience. We process over 8-million pounds of carbon, alloy and stainless steels; brass, bronze, copper; cast zinc and cast iron each year.

Tank Capacity, Part Handling & Processing
We have the largest tanks in the industry – up to 17 ft. long for steel parts – 12 ft. tanks for Stainless Steel – and 4 ft. tanks for Copper, Brass & Bronze, and Die Cast Zinc.

Rack processing is offered for parts not suitable for barrel or basket processing. We also design custom fixtures and process menus to meet all your special needs. We have trailer docks and mobile handling equipment to efficiently receive and move your parts.

QC/Lot Control
A processing menu is created for each order and carefully followed – paying strict attention to times, temperatures, concentrations of solutions, and all other process parameters. These parameters and job history are stored in our computers, making a permanent record of your jobs. Records of all solution concentrations are maintained for periodic report and analysis. Tracking procedures are in place for lot segregation when required.

Exclusive Processes
Cleveland Black Oxide has developed a number of unique black oxide coatings including Black Onyx™ which produces a high luster finish on heat treated and hot rolled parts, and our Bi-Met™ process which is a conversion coating for brazed parts and dissimilar metal assemblies.

Service, Research & Technical Assistance
Send us your prototypes and we will test and recommend a black oxide coating system that meets your protection, appearance and performance needs.

Quotations & Rush Orders
Quotes are promptly submitted upon receipt of sample parts or prints. Our standard turnaround time is 3 to 6 days. Our plant is in operation 18 hours a day and expedited service is available when requested.

Convenient Location
Cleveland Black Oxide is located in downtown Cleveland at the junction of Interstates 90, 71 and 77.