Black oxide gives beautiful, durable finish to architectural panels.

Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Black Oxide was recently selected to supply black oxided decorative panels for a new hosptial in Enumclaw, WA. Kenco Construction of Seattle installed about 100 of these black oxided panels in the building.

It’s unusual for a West Coast company to engage the services of a black oxide finisher some 2000 miles from the job. However, Krisjan Olsen, Project Engineer on the job said, “Our estimating team did their homework and determined that Cleveland Black Oxide had the best resources and expertise despite the distance involved.” Also a factor in the decision is that Cleveland Black Oxide has the largest tanks in the business – measuring 17’ and could easily handle these large panels.

Cleveland Black Oxide has developed a particular expertise in the finishing of decorative panels which are used primarily in commerical buildings but also in some residential applications.

Dave Tatham, President of Cleveland Black Oxide said, “We regularly work with architects, designers and construction companies like Kenco and have fabricated unique fixtures to handle the panels safely during the processing cycle. And we’ve overcome the difficulties in shipping across the country.”

Some of the panels were used on walls and others as door surrounds. The largest of the panels was 48” x 96.” After blackiening, a light water soluble oil (dry to the touch) finish is applied to the panels to give it an even, smoother appearance. Waxes can also be applied. The finish is easily maintained.

Olsen said that architects are constantly serching for new panel surfaces. “We’re seeing more use of weathering steels like Corten. Black oxide gives the architect an attractive option in metal cladding finishes particularly when going for a sleek industrial or distressed look.”

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