Black Oxided Stainless Steel Waste Receptacles – An Attractive Touch At Saint Louis Art Museum East

Black oxided stainless steel waste receptacles to be part of new addition at Saint Louis Art Museum

Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Black Oxide recently completed another black oxide project for the Saint Louis Art Museum. The finish on these stainless steel waste receptacles have a beautiful distressed style, complementing part of the new 200,000 square foot museum expansion opening in mid-2013. The new building will be Green, LEED-certified indicating that it has met standards for environmentally sustainable construction.

These durable and corrosion resistant waste receptacles will withstand daily abuse from patron traffic, while maintaining their original distressed features. Black oxide gives architects a creative and attractive option in metal cladding finishes particularly when going for a sleek industrial or distressed look.

In addition to a wide range of industrial products, Cleveland Black Oxide specializes in blackening architectural panels, fixtures and accessories in commercial and residential, interior or exterior applications. A variety of surface finishes and textures can be attained - shiny, matte and distressed finish. Utilizing proprietary hot black oxide chemistry and post-process finishes give panels the look and feel customers are seeking for a specific job. The processes are tightly controlled and recorded as part of a customer’s permanent job record. This means architectural applications will be consistent from lot-to-lot and job-to-job.

Cleveland Black Oxide is an innovator and leader in the black oxide conversion industry, and is the largest commercial black oxide finisher in the U.S. processing over 8-million pounds of carbon, alloy, stainless steels, brass, bronze, copper, die cast zinc and cast iron each year. It has the largest black oxide tanks in the industry – 17' long for steel parts, and can go beyond that size on a case-by-case basis. They also have 12’ tanks for stainless steel, and 4’ tanks for copper, brass, bronze, and die cast zinc.

Dave Tatham, President of Cleveland Black Oxide said, “We regularly work with many architects, designers and construction companies from all over the country because of our experience with large architectural panels and other related structural products and take great care in processing, handling and shipping.”