Cleveland Black Oxide proud to be part of the 9/11 Memorial

911 Memorial Reflecting Pool
911 Memorial Reflecting Pool
Galvanic corrosion on post cap

Cleveland, OH – The two pools that now sit where the Twin Towers once stood are there to remind us of the lives that were lost that day. Each name of those who died is etched on the pools' parapets. In turn, each contractor who worked on the memorial considered it a privilege to do so and wanted to do the best job possible in honor of those who died and served.

KC Fabrications of Gardiner, NY specializes in Art and Architectural Fabrication. They installed the huge bronze name parapets at the pools and also had a contract to fabricate and finish the retaining posts for the metal panels that were to be placed behind the waterfalls. The panels and retaining posts are finished in black oxide and must be able to survive the harsh chemicals present in the water. During installation they found that the blackened panels made from marine grade stainless steel were corroding leaving a white residue on the surface. Repeated attempts failed to solve the problem and it was decided another black oxide source was needed.

KC Fabrications contacted Cleveland Black Oxide who determined that a galvanic reaction was the cause of the white residue arising from dissimilar metals in contact with the retaining posts.

Tests were conducted at Cleveland Black Oxide's lab and the black oxide chemistry was modified to solve the problem. Kurt Wulfmeyer, Founder of KC Fabrications, was very pleased with the results and his company sucessfully finished installing the 150 retaining posts.

David Tatham, Cleveland Black Oxide's President said, “We were proud to have been a part of the memorial, even if only two inches of our work is showing above the water line, at least we know it's a project well done.”

Cleveland Black Oxide is the largest commercial black oxide finisher in the U.S. and processes over 8-million pounds of carbon, alloy, stainless steels, brass, bronze, copper, die cast zinc and cast iron each year. It has the largest black oxide tanks in the business – 17-ft for steel and 12-ft for stainless steel.

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