Going Mobile With Cold Black Oxide – A Solution For Treating Multiple Large and Heavy Steel Fixtures

Large steel fixture for aqueous cleaning system treated with cold black oxide.

Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Black Oxide continues to expand its on-location cold black oxide operation. With refined techniques, specialized tools and equipment, and safe collection and containment of chemicals, the process has become more effective and feasible providing this unique service on selective projects.

White Automation & Tool Co. contracted them recently; a fabricator based 160 miles away in Romulus, Michigan. White’s president, Allen White said, “Cleveland Black Oxide was referred to me by another local company here in Michigan. They are highly regarded for their black oxide service, quality and unique ability to black oxide large parts. Cleveland Black Oxide was responsive by coming here and getting the job done on several of these fixtures. In fact it saved me time and the cost of shipping.”

These large fixtures, roughly 7’x16’ and weighing 4-5 tons each, are utilized within aqueous cleaning systems developed by Ranshoff, Cincinnati, Ohio for GE Locomotive, Grove City, PA. They’ll be assembled within industrial washing systems, and will be used to safely contain and securely hold locomotive diesel engine blocks and their front face cover components – washing, cleaning and spin-drying them 360˚.

Dave Tatham, President of Cleveland Black Oxide said, “Great customer service has to be proactive, flexible and responsive. With our reputation as the largest black oxider in the country, this was a perfect example of incorporating all of our technical and production capabilities and bringing it to an all new level and location – to the customer.”

Cleveland Black Oxide is an innovator and leader in the black oxide conversion industry, and is the largest commercial black oxide finisher in the U.S. processing over 8-million pounds of carbon, alloy, stainless steels, brass, bronze, copper, die cast zinc and cast iron each year. It has the largest black oxide tanks in the industry – 17' long for steel parts, and can go beyond that size on a case-by-case basis. They also have 12’ tanks for stainless steel, and 4’ tanks for copper, brass, bronze, and die cast zinc.